Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Knicker nicker!

Being called a Labrathief reminds me of when L & C used to affectionately call me a 'Knicker nicker'

It all started one summer's evening down the beach. I was only about 5 months old and C convinced L to let me off the lead as she didn't think I could run up the steep beach and get into any trouble. Well....I could run up it and went to see a teenager who was sunbathing. I fancied having a game of chase so I picked up the first thing I saw....her knickers! L & C were chasing me, waving their arms and shouting so they obviously enjoyed it too.

After about 5 minutes I tired and let them catch me and rescue the knickers which were half way down my gullet. L made C take them back 'as it was her idea to let the puppy off' and I was quickly taken home. In the car on the way back, I heard L muttering that she could hear Benny Hill music in her head and just what is the correct etiquette when your dog steals some pants?!

Who me?! Little innocent me...

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