Thursday, 3 June 2010

Introducing my housemates Bingo and Elvis...

I thought it was time to introduce my 'brothers' Bingo and Elvis to you. They live in the alcove under the stairs in a lovely big cage. Though, I do find they can be very noisy chatting away to each other all the time and squeeking for food when it is no where near dinner time!



L & C don't need a lawn mover as the boys run free in the back garden and trim the grass. They are especially good at trimming the edges (this is when I am having a snooze as I do get a little bit too excited watching them run around).

And here they are the first time they got dressed up. I did find some nibble marks on the tinsel...

I will try and get a photo of Mini the cat, but she is a quick one and hard to catch (and boy have I tried to catch her!)

1 comment:

  1. Ollie
    How lovely to have housemates that awe so social and do yawdwowk too. you'we a lucky pup. I just have my hoomans and they awe lazy
    smoochie kisses