Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's my 1st birthday! (Part 1)

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me.....

I am very excited it's my birthday today! I have spied some presents, but L & C say I can't have them until tonight (spoil sports). There was also mention of some disco dancing happening tonight...'I'm in the mood for dancing...'

I started off the day by regurgitating a tennis ball skin that I ate a good week ago - it needed to come out and what better day?
This morning, what I thought was going to be a boring road walk (wearing my dreaded head collar), turned into a fantastic play fight with Benji the 8 year old labrador. Check out my slicked back locks afterwards (how on earth did my bandana get so grubby?!).

L & I then carried on our jaunt and I made sure I stopped to bark at some ghosties in the graveyard. L could be heard saying 'there's nothing there', but I know different....

I am off for a walk with my favourite dog walkers at lunchtime and then home for a rest before the present opening starts.
It seems today is 'all about me', though L & C have been known to say every day is about me, the cheek of it! More later...

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