Thursday, 13 May 2010

Nearly that special day!

I am very very excited as it is nearly my birthday! Only a few days to wait now.
L & C have aranged a doodle meet with lots of local doods (they think I don't know, but I understand a lot more than they think!) Some of my brothers and sisters will hopefully be there and L is busy baking birthday biscuits for the doods that come for a dash. I will get L & C to post some photos so you can see how much fun I had. I'm hoping there are some muddy puddles to run through, one of my favourite past-times.

Plus, let me introduce myself are some photos of me growing into the handsome (and modest) chap you now see before you.

Wasn't I cute?

Butter wouldn't melt...

I have a lot to say...

Excuse me...could someone help me please?

L & C say I was crossed with a pony...

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