Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's my 1st Birthday! (Part 2)

I had a lovely walk at lunch time, well more of a chase after a whippet - you'll be surprised to hear I couldn't catch him! I then caught some zzzzzzz's so as to look my best for my birthday photos. C also 'furminated' me and the back garden looks like a gorilla has had a fight out there.
I am very pleased with my birthday pressies - I got a new ball thrower (tastes good!), a new bandana (soon to be grubby!), a bottle of doggy beer (soon to be sampled!) and a new collar, lead and tag (L & C said I had to have a new set as something(?) had chewed the last one....there must be mice in the house...)

Here are some photos of my stash:

The disco is about to start so I'm off to get my dancing shoes on.

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